JRivera Associates understands that meeting the needs of your Latino patients can be a challenge. Providing medical services and health outreach in a culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate manner, all while containing costs, often requires multiple avenues such as phone, video, and on-site interpretation by qualified and trained medical assistants. We work with organizations seeking direction on culturally relevant care, chronic condition outreach, and patient outreach systems. Our consultative approach helps you plan and budget your Latino initiatives efficiently, and our staff works with your facility to analyze and determine linguistic and cultural needs. Once your specific needs are identified, we partner with you to create a solution that meets your goals. We are uniquely qualified with linguistic and culturally competency to support the needs of the Spanish and English speaking patient and their health care provider with the following services: Interpretation to medical professionals and their Latino patients. On-site, telephonic and video Interpretation. Appointment and scheduling services-using a unique “Fail to Keep Appointment System”. Medical Consulting: Medical practices/Latino health-care initiatives. State of the art technology with on-line tools, HIPAA compliant, with the ability to integrate patient information from/to Electronic Medical Record. Outreach Services for Patient Compliance of Quality Indicators such as: Women’s health – cervical cancer/pap/mammography screening Diabetic screening Hypertension control Colorectal screening Immunizations
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